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Stop buying cheap, dangerous and unlawful electronics from China on eBay and elsewhere. If you don't, stop complaining about the state of the British economy, British health care, Social Security, British schools, lack of police, etc. because YOU are the cause (along with those that allow this trade to continue of course).

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eBay UK, the Metropolitan Police, Trading Standards & Vince Cable

vCam Ltd (registered in England) would like to say "Screw you" to eBay UK, Richmond upon Thames Trading Standards, the Metropolitan Police, the Department of Transport, and Vince Cable (MP for Twickenham, also masquerading as Secretary of State for Business, Innovation & Skills), and to warn the UK public about these enemies of British business, the UK economy and HM Treasury.

vCam Ltd no longer trades. We were a company that developed and Patented a safe and lawful method of mounting a car camera / dash cam into a vehicle, but the sea of unlawful and highly dangerous vehicle cameras sold on eBay and elsewhere, often by Chinese sellers that evade UK taxes, meant we could not compete. Unfortunately, though these cheap car cameras from China are unlawful, we could not get Richmond Trading Standards, the Metropolitan Police, the Department of Transport, or Vince Cable to stop this unlawful dangerous trade, which also robs UK hospitals, schools, doctors, nurses, social workers, unemployment programs and all the other vital components of our society of tax money.

Further, when a little girl or old lady, perhaps your daughter or grandmother gets killed crossing a road because some gormless idiot driver has a car camera they bought from eBay unlawfully stuck to their vehicle's windscreen which blocked their view of the road ahead, please sue / prosecute / name and shame eBay UK, Richmond upon Thames Trading Standards, the Metropolitan Police, the Department of Transport, and Vince Cable / the British Government, for they are accessories.

Below is a depiction of which areas of the windscreen need to be kept clear of obstruction / how much incursion is allowed to comply with UK Traffic Regulations (UK law).

It makes sense, doesn't it? You should not drive around with some plastic brick sized object in your field of view.

In addition, it is also unlawful to have any live non-navigation video / TV screens in the front of a vehicle where the driver can see them; that also makes sense, doesn't it? Why would the driver need to be distracted by any TV / video screen that was not helping them navigate / drive? They would not.

So, vCam developed a safe way of mounting a car camera into a vehicle whereby no live TV / video screen was presented to the driver, whereby the car camera did not obstruct any of the driver's view of the road ahead. We basically designed a mounting system so that the camera would sit hidden in front of the passenger sun visor or rear view mirror, unseen by the driver (please note: vehicles are now designed so that passenger sun visor and rear view mirrors do not encroach upon the forward view of the driver.

Of course, the problem for us was that our 100% lawful mounting system was more expensive than the cheap mass produced windscreen suction mounted car cam cradles that come with every budget car camera, though we were sure that the price would come down to around the same if car camera suppliers were forced to provide them. Surely, eBay, Richmond Trading Standards, the Metropolitan Police, the Dept of Transport and Vince Cable would all want to see the unlawful and dangerous windscreen suction mounted cradles banned from sale in / to the UK?

No, not at all. So much for supporting British business, British innovation, safety first products and UK tax paying companies. Because suction mounted brackets and their associated car cameras can theoretically be used in the green (no restriction) area of the windscreen, even though operationally that is a nonsense as most vehicle wiper systems clear much more of the windscreen than they used to, and because mounting a camera in a far corner of the windscreen places the lens in a position is unable to fully record the road ahead. Irrespective of the fact that virtually every eBay listing for cameras shows the cameras should be attached to the middle of the windscreen (where it is unlawful), eBay, the authorities and Vince Cable (alleged Secretary of State for Business, Innovation & Skills) refused to enforce the law. Hell, they would not even mandate that adverts warned buyers about where it was lawful to mount the camera or even prevent sellers from showing images of their car cameras mounted in unlawful sections of the windscreen.

So, not that we hope for it, but if and when your daughter or grandmother is knocked down and killed by someone whose field of view was blocked by a car camera bought on eBay, especially if that camera has not been safety approved for the European Union, especially if the seller was based in China and paid no UK taxes like we have to (taxes that pay for the ambulance and paramedic that would come to try and save your relative), then please remember us, and please remember to sue those who stood by and allowed the tragedy to happen.

"Screw you" eBay UK, Richmond upon Thames Trading Standards, the Metropolitan Police, the Department of Transport, and Vince Cable / the Liberal Democrats.

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